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Digital Forensic and Incident Response

What is Cybereason Incident Response (IR)?

Cybereason Incident Response is uniquely designed to enable organizations to identify, correlate and remediate threats faster. Adversaries continue to target organizations of all shapes and sizes, and their evolving array of tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) are becoming more sophisticated every day. Organizations need an incident response team they can count on to detect and respond to these advanced threats at the earliest stages of an attack. By leveraging endpoint detection and response (EDR) and digital forensics and incident response (DFIR) tools to collect endpoint telemetry and attack artifacts, Cybereason incident responders are able to detect, triage, and remediate an attack immediately to get an organization back to business fast.

Why Cybereason IR?

  1. An elite team of Cybereason incident responders who are experts in detecting, triaging, and remediating threats.
  2. Powered by the industry-leading* EDR solution on the market.
  3. A proven and effective IR methodology that utilizes data forensics, advanced threat hunting, and deep visibility into malicious operations (Malops).
  4. Speed to deployment and detection – delivering remediation up to 4x faster than other vendors.

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