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Mobile Application Penetration Testing

Our comprehensive test methodologies include frameworks to detect and highlight security flaws in mobile applications using the SAST, DAST and IAST methods that cater to both static and behavioral analysis. Our methods ensure there are no possibilities of any false positives, and they detect risks and create a remediation plan to fix loopholes.

Facing a Broken Cryptography challenge with your Mobile Application?

Is your Mobile Application's transport layer robust to protect your data?

Device fragmentation hitting up your mobile security?

Is your developer using the required binary hardening techniques?

Mobile Application Penetration Testing

Our expert mobile security team follows the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) guidelines, checksum controls, superior encryption, certificate pinning, and anti-debugging techniques. Our processes are systematic, yet follow an agile approach during testing to perform an in-depth security check for your mobile app across all devices – Windows, Android, and iOS including review of source codes.

Our Approach

We start by intercepting the traffic, analyzing HTTP transactions, manipulating commands and related responses and submit a final report along with a clear and measurable remediation plan and workflow.

Code Quality and Build Settings

We inspect and analyze an application’s code to verify code level security ensuring that the app is properly signed, security controls, compiler settings and enabling proper memory management

Impede Dynamic Analysis and Tampering

We ensure the preproduction phase is checked thoroughly to meet the industry-standards and related compliance. Seniors IT advanced root detection debugs defenses, verifies file integrity checks, reverse engineering, tampering response, and obfuscation.

Business Logic and Impede Comprehension

We combine specialized attributes for testing advanced anti-emulation and Obfuscation, validating business logic data, handling forge request, business workflows and managing of uploaded files not intended by business requirements.

Transaction Authorization

We ensure server-side authorization, Credentials Brute force, skipping transaction authorization, unauthorized modification of transaction data, the validity of transaction credentials and unique authorization credentials for transactions.

Database Security Scanning

Seniors IT database-security-scanning tool checks for updated patches and versions, weak passwords, configuration errors, access control list (ACL) issues, and scanners can monitor data that is in transit.

Authentication and Session Management

Our experts ensure adequate authentication mechanisms, session management,
password policies, biometric authentication controls, and user device management. Our team validates input and sanitization, URL schemes, WebView protocol handlers, WebView related vulnerabilities, object serialization, and root detection.

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