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Load Balance

What is Load Balance?

Application Load Balancing is actually a rather simplistic technology at its core. It provides a unified connection point between the end users of an application and the application itself.

Throughput processing and the amount of secure transactions capable of being processed simultaneously are two key metrics that contribute to measuring the value of any Load Balancing solution. An additional and very important item to consider is the security functions that are bundled in. Since the design generally results in all client requests traversing the Load Balancer, it makes for an optimal place to consolidate other services such as pre-authentication, IPS and single sign-on.

Why F5?

Applications drive innovation and profitability, allowing your business to leverage cloud computing, mobility, and software-defined networking (SDN). Your organization from AppDev and DevOps teams to Infrastructure and IT Ops depends on your app services and network infrastructure running at peak performance with app-centric security to meet the challenges of today—and tomorrow.

F5® BIG-IP® Local Traffic Manager™ (LTM) helps you deliver your applications to your users in a reliable, secure, and optimized way. You get the extensibility and flexibility of application services with the programmability you need to manage your cloud, virtual, and physical infrastructure. With BIG-IP LTM, you have the power to simplify, automate, and customize application services faster and more predictably.


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