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POS & TMS Security

We create a comprehensive framework and testing methods that are both rigorous and automated. Our robust methods embrace a layered security approach across the POS (Point of sale) environment.

Does your POS solution meet all security and compliance requirements?

Are you encrypting your POS data up to the payment processor?

Do you perform vulnerability testing to identify weaknesses regularly?

POS & TMS Security

Our Certified device Testers who have extensive experience in POS Device & Environment Testing will identify vulnerabilities and design remediation strategies and a roadmap for implementation for identified controls that are missing.

Our Approach

Seniors IT ensures a reliable POS protection environment for its clients, by embracing a layered security approach across the network hence preventing forthcoming attacks. We evaluate meticulously the presence of all kind of POS Malware infections and use the safest approach to resolve the scenario.

Vulnerability Assessment

We test the robustness of your POS system with vulnerability assessment tools which alert organizations to the pre-existing flaws in their code and where they are located. If this is not fixed attackers can leverage these vulnerabilities to compromise the POS system and access credit card data.

Network Penetration Testing

Seniors IT expert pen-testers help your organization to carry out network penetration testing designed to identify security issues and rogue wireless networks. As resolving these vulnerabilities promptly, organizations can mitigate the risk of a data breach.


We will enumerate your network assets, loopholes and phishing emails that are sent to selected targets and malware is delivered either as malicious attachments or as embedded malicious links. We encrypt all POS data upon entry and decrypt it only when it reaches the payment processor.

Thick client application penetration testing

Our team performs tests which embrace sensitive configuration files, credentials in the registry, protect from Reverse Engineering. Penetration testers intercept the traffic going to the server and try to manipulate with the parameters or look for any sensitive information passing between application and server and thus check if application and database are communication in clear text protocol.

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