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Microsoft Azure Deployment Protection

What is Azure Dep Security?

Microsoft® Azure®, a flexible enterprise-grade cloud computing platform, helps organizations address growing data center demands, with the added benefits of agility, scalability and global reach.

Most organizations that venture into the cloud are doing so with a hybrid architecture, basically extending the corporate network into Azure via a secure connection. But what comes along with the added benefits of this approach are security challenges that are often no different from those faced within your on-premises data center. And although an Azure deployment may host fewer applications than the physical network-based counterpart, attackers do not discriminate with regard to achieving their malicious goals. As such, it is of paramount importance to protect your Azure deployments from threats.

Organizations can implement the security practices that follow to securely extend their physical data centers into the Microsoft Azure public cloud.

Why Palo alto?

You need to ensure security and compliance controls are properly implemented and continuously maintained, regardless of how dynamic or distributed your Azure environments become. Prisma Cloud provides continuous visibility, compliance enforcement and reporting, and comprehensive threat protection for all your resources on Microsoft Azure – all via APIs that are frictionless to deploy and that integrate with any native Azure service.

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