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Zero Trust Cloud Security

What is Zero Trust Cloud Security?

Zero Trust is an IT security model that eliminates the notion of trust to protect networks, applications and data. This is in stark contrast to the traditional perimeter security model, which presumes that bad actors are always on the untrusted side of the network, and trustworthy users are always on the trusted side. With Zero Trust, these assumptions are nullified and all users are presumed to be untrustworthy.

Why Palo alto?

Organizations are rapidly adopting Office 365® – now one of the most popular SaaS applications worldwide. As more and more businesses transition to the cloud, it’s crucial to protect users and data from harmful threats without compromising connectivity.

To safely deploy Office 365, you need to understand the foundational security requirements to effectively secure the app.

Get your copy of our e-book When Proxies Aren’t Enough: Three Pillars of Security in Office 365 Deployments for detailed insight on each of these three key security measures:

  • Visibility and access control
  • Data loss protection
  • Threat prevention

Read the e-book and learn how to confidently deliver solid Office 365 connectivity and security.

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