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Network Penetration Testing

From identifying vulnerabilities and security flaws to determining the strength of network defenders and the level of risk across wired, wireless and cloud networks, our team of Certified Infrastructure Testers also ensure end-to-end remediation is done post identification of the risks.

Are the 3rd party networks accessing your system securely?

Is your information security team tracking all unusual activities at your firewall?

How confident are you about the way you are securing your critical assets?

Network Penetration Testing

A common misconception by enterprises is that their existing security tools can cater to their penetration test needs and just training their vendors and employees will ensure reduced risks. However, they miss the value a dedicated penetration tester brings in. As ethical hackers, they create ways to hack the system to show you the risk and create a remediation plan to avoid actual vulnerability.

Our Approach

Seniors IT’ rich experienced penetration testers work as an independent team and identify any vulnerabilities and data security risks that enterprises may have. A complete report of risks, as well as plans for the fixing of these weak defenses and related validations, are created for the specific enterprise to follow. We enable you to enhance your security posture, reduce risk, facilitate compliance and improve operational efficiency.

Scoping and Enumeration

Prior to a test, our network pen-testing team discuss the requirements for your network or infrastructure assessment to define the scope of the test. This is followed by service enumeration, network mapping, banner reconnaissance, and prepare threat identification.


Seniors IT’ will enumerate the network assets and compile a list of all accessible systems, identify vulnerabilities within systems and find where malicious actors could break-in.

Active Scanning & Vulnerability Analysis

Using a combination of manual and automated tools, the testing team discovers potential vulnerabilities and prepares plans to exploit them. In essence, the ideation of attack is developed here.


Seniors IT’’ experienced security testers ethically exploit all identified vulnerabilities by employing heavy manual testing tactics and is often quite time-intensive.

Identification & Remediation

A comprehensive report listing vulnerabilities, classified according to business risk along with a remediation procedure is provided after each assessment.


It is suggested to check if the remediation has closed on all loopholes and hence we recommend a re-test which is the final step on the process.

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