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ATM Security

Comprehensive Security Assessment Services for ATM, CDM, ITM and VTM environments that covers Network, Applications, Security Modules, and Physical Security.

Is your ATM security software configured correctly?

Are your ATMs secured to avoid a Malware injection?

Do you frequenty test your ATM environments for exploitable vulnerabilities?

Will your existing security process stop an ATM skimmer?

ATM Security

The banking security experts at Seniors IT have developed a series of hands-on vulnerability assessments that look at the entire ATM environment. We can identify software, hardware, and communication protocol vulnerabilities that can be exploited, so you can block unauthorized cash withdrawals and protect payment card data.

Our Approach

With our rich experience and domain expertise in the Banking and Finance Security space, we understand the mission criticality of your infrastructure and the business risks they are exposed to. We hence create test processes that enable you to see security loopholes that otherwise may be overlooked.


Seniors IT’ security audit identifies the most critical vulnerabilities that need your immediate attention and makes practical recommendations for changes at the organizational and systems level. In this process, we check for security practices being followed in the application and perform threat modeling and application design review to spot threat vectors it is exposed to.


Seniors IT’ security assessment methodologies take into account a wide range of internationally recognized information security standards and regulations. We perform Manual Penetration Testing against the ATM to identify vulnerabilities associated with the installed components in the ATM operating system and associated network. Our pen-testers abide by application standards such as the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) Testing Guide, PIN Transaction Standards (PCI PTS) and ATM Security Guidelines.


Seniors IT security consultants use various tools and techniques to perform thick client application penetration testing. Our testers’ analyze configured files, check for application and database communications in clear text protocol, sensitive information hardcoded in code, and checking whether encryption is applied for sensitive data on the wire or not.


Our penetration testers address various physical intrusion methods employed by attackers and detect and protect against possibilities of card skimming, keypad tampering, and lock protection against unauthorized access to banknotes or bills. The testers carry out numerous testing such as Physical Intrusion Testing, Destructive Testing, Hardware I/O ports data implantation testing, Physical Access Authentication Control Testing and several critical testing.


Our expert security champions mitigate the threats related to ATM attacks such as Malware, OS-level vulnerabilities and create a robust environment. Seniors IT security solutions provide advisory to run the ATM application in a very restrictive environment with limited services and processes in the back end. Our team provides onsite, in-depth logical and physical security configuration review of security solutions installed in the ATM machines for adequate protection.


ATM malware is a very niche kind of malicious software. To strengthen the protection of your ATM infrastructure our expert security consultants executes numerous malware discovery scanning, reverse engineering of discovered malware, Data Exfiltration Analysis, IOC Analysis. Seniors IT identifies and fixes ATM vulnerabilities before criminals can exploit them.

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