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GRC Architecture

GRC Architecture

We help simplify your Governance, Risk and Compliance matters with providing expert people, proven processes, to build your GRC framework and architecture.

“Companies that select individual solutions for each regulatory challenge they face will spend 10 times more on IT portion of compliance projects than companies that take on a proactive and more integrated approach, Gartner.”

GRC is a discipline that aims to synchronize information and activity across governance, risk management and compliance in order to create efficiency, enable more effective information sharing and reporting and avoid wasteful overlaps. However, there are two very common challenges that every organization faces when using the very technical GRC system.  For one, GRC reports are typically difficult to customize and require additional resources to identify the right information and then get in into the right hands.  Secondly, most organizations experience a disconnect between the business and technical aspects of the solution, meaning business teams and IT do not communicate and collaborate as effectively as needed to connect the dots and optimize the solution’s powerful capabilities.

Seniors IT has developed the unique GRC Technical Architecture to help you visualize and better understand how the overall structure works together.

The risk is comprised by functions, which is the entity that identifies what a risk is. This detailed yet simple architecture connects the dots between the business and technical aspect of GRC, which is hard to come by.

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