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Threat Data Feed

What is TDF?

Threat intelligence feeds are real-time streams of data that provide information on potential cyber threats and risks.Feeds are usually made up of simple indicators or artifacts, and individual feeds usually focus on a single area of interest. For example, a feed might present a stream of information on: Suspicious domains, Lists of known malware hashes, IP addresses associated with malicious activity, Code shared on pastebins.

Why Kaspersky?

Malware families and variations have grown exponentially in the last few years; Kaspersky Lab detects about 315,000 unique malware samples daily. To protect their endpoints from these threats, most organizations deploy classical protection measures like anti-malware solutions, intrusion prevention or threat detection systems.

But how can countries defend national interests and infrastructures from significant volumes of malware – and the new techniques they use to bypass traditional and even more sophisticated protection measures? The solution is for governments, telecommunication providers and other large organizations to block malware at the infrastructure level, using Threat data Feeds from Kaspersky Lab.

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