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Cloud Security Assessment

We address security across your cloud infrastructure by identifying vulnerabilities that might lead to a data breach. Our combined team of technology and risk experts follow a targeted roadmap and provides remote and on-site advisory support to satisfy industry and regulatory requirements and achieve business goals

Are your Cloud systems and data threatened by weak identity and credentials management?

Is your Cloud Data secured from deletion, theft, leakage, viruses, and hackers?

Worried about insecure application program interfaces (APIs)?

Cloud Security Assessment

Seniors IT help organizations get a thorough security check of the existing security apparatus, with complete scrutinizing and auditing the third-party cloud service provider before the organization migrates to the Cloud. Seniors IT offers pre-cloud and posts cloud migration security consulting to ensure that the right controls are enforced.

Our Approach

Seniors IT analyses the current security level of your infrastructure and prepares a roadmap for migration to cloud considering your existing environment and compliance requirements. With Threat Modelling, we determine possible attack scenarios in Cloud and define plans to defend against them.

Network and Web Security

Seniors IT Threat Management team offer assistance in designing security controls that allocate access, distribute, monitor, and protect the underlying services. In a cloud environment, network security is provided by virtual devices along with traditional physical methods. We also help enterprises to build policy rules around various types of web access which can be enforced via web security technologies

Identity and Access Management

Review user accounts and key management, focusing on privileged account management and least privileged access.


As part of the Cloud design, an enterprise should deploy data loss prevention mechanisms based on a well-draffted data classification policy. Our team of experienced consultants helps an organization to design and develop the cloud solution with data leakage protection.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

With years of experience, Seniors IT assists its clients in building Cloud-centric business continuity and disaster recovery, by using the cloud’s flexibility it helps cost reductions and provides maximum benefits.

Intrusion Management

As there is a growth of virtualization and massive multi-tenancy, it creates new targets for intrusion, thus need for implementation of proper intrusion management and protection in the cloud environment arises. Seniors IT, cloud security experts, provide design and optimization assistance for cloud-based Intrusion detection and prevention systems.

Incident Management

Seniors IT Cloud and SOC experts can help you integrate the right security logs, build the right security use cases and correlation rules and build the right incident management process to monitor, detect and respond to Cloud Security incidents.

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