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Security Architecture & Configuration Reviews

Security Architecture Review is a holistic assessment of your security layers across Network, Applications, People and Processes. It identifies gaps in your Architecture, Policies and Controls that might put your critical assets at risk from attackers.

How confident are you about your Security Architecture?

Does your Security Design meet compliance standards?

Do you conduct frequent review of your core Security devices for loopholes in configuration?

Security Architecture & Configuration Reviews

The Seniors IT Security Architecture and Configuration review can help identify gaps in your security framework across Network Security, Identity and Access Management, Infrastructure Security, Device Mis-configurations, Application Security, Data Security, Security Operations Architecture and Cloud Security. A detailed assessment of your security architecture, from policies to technical controls ensures that hidden risks that threat actors are likely to exploit are identified and mitigated helping you protect your business from the evolving threat landscape and to stay compliant with regulatory requirements.

Our Approach

Our Security Architecture Reviews are a collection of services based on industry best practices designed to evaluate the effectiveness of technical and operational security controls deployed in an organization. The resulting report will highlight risks associated with the below security domains with an advisory to re-mediate and improve the resilience of the organization’s security posture.

Network Security Architecture Review

We begin by understanding the organizations business goals and control objectives and then review the network design, key components, protocols and data flow to and from the network, core technologies that the network is reliant upon to meet its security objectives and assess them against relevant standards, laws/regulations, and prevailing good practice.

Identity and Access Management Architecture Review

A detailed assessment of Identity management life cycle, access control management, authentication, centralized and de-centralized identity and access management, identity provisioning, authentication protocols, application and data access controls, access control configurations and Network access control.

Infrastructure Security Architecture Review

Review of Infrastructure Security capabilities, Server and Application hardening, Common Service Security (wireless, VOIP, Email, UCS), Boundary protection (VPNs, BYOD, Airgaps), Secure device management and Integrated cryptographic systems.

Application Security Architecture Review

Assessment of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), Integration of Application Security Architecture, Web Application Firewalls, Encryption, Secure Communications between Applications and Databases and Endpoints, Application Cryptographic Solutions, Application Controls Against Existing Threats and Vulnerabilities and Application Security Approaches for all System Components (mobile, web, and thick client applications; proxy, application, and database services).

Cloud Security Architecture Review

Review of Cloud Architecture (Public, Private or Hybrid), Identity and Access Management, Network Security, Data Security, Application Security, Cloud Security best practice implementation, Encryption and Key Management, Denial of Service protection, Web application Firewalls, Third party component security, API security, logging and auditing and hardening.

Network Device Audit and Configuration Review

Review of Device management environment, Minimum Security Baseline Configuration, Access control, Change Management, Patch Management, configuration hardening, Segmentation controls, Mapping of device rule base with organization security policy and audit and configuration review of the device against standards.

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