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Vulnerability Management


See Everything. Predict What Matters. Managed On-Prem.

The “” platform provides the most comprehensive and integrated view of your enterprise security posture to identify, investigate and prioritize vulnerabilities, on-prem accurately. “”, a market-leading vulnerability management solution, provides visibility into your dynamic attack surface so you can manage and measure your cyber risk. Through advanced analytics, customizable dashboards, reports, and workflows, “” helps you understand your cyber risk and know which vulnerabilities to fix first. Built on leading Nessus technology, “” gathers and evaluates vulnerability data across multiple Nessus® scanners distributed across your enterprise and illustrates vulnerability trends over time to assess risk and prioritize vulnerabilities.


  1. Continuous Visibility
    Continuously track known and discover unknown assets and their vulnerabilities. Identify threats and unexpected network changes before they turn into breaches
  2. Prioritize Vulnerabilities
    Combine asset and vulnerability data, threat intelligence, and data science for easy-to-understand risk scores to quickly identify the vulnerabilities and their most critical assets that pose the highest risk to the business.
  3. Breadth and Depth of Coverage
    Tenable Research works closely with the security community to discover new vulnerabilities and provide insights to help organizations mature their vulnerability assessment practices. With more than 67K vulnerabilities, Tenable has the industry’s most extensive CVE and security configuration support to help you
  4. Automate Processes
    Leverage a fully documented API and pre-built integrations to import third-party data, automate scans, and share data with your IT systems.

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