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What is EDR?

As attackers develop more sophisticated methods of attack, it’s becoming harder to confidently address threats. During an incident, every second counts. Security and IT teams are often slowed down from a lack of context from alerts, excessive manual work required to investigate, limited automation, and a lengthy effort to remediate. These challenges often result in added uncertainty and outright fatigue. Cybereason EDR consolidates all intelligence about each attack into a single visual representation called a MalOp™ (malicious operation). Each MalOp™ organizes the relevant attack data into an easy-to-read, interactive graphical interface, providing a complete timeline of the attack, the flow of malware across processes and users, and all incoming and outgoing communications for affected machines. Remediation actions can be automated or accomplished remotely with a click.

What is MDR?

Cybereason MDR is a fully managed detection and response security solution that provides proactive threat hunting, detection, and remediation 24x7x365. Driven by the Cybereason Defense Platform in combination with a full-service security operations center (SOC), the Cybereason MDR solution will give organizations deep visibility and context into malicious operations (MalOp™) – across all endpoints on a network. Acting as a stand-alone security solution or as an additional layer of security to an existing security practice, Cybereason MDR immediately matures any organization’s security posture.

Why Cybereason EDR?

  1. Understand the entire attack in seconds
  2. Control your environment with sssssfull visibility and integrated remediation tools
  3. Remediate threats with a single click
  4. Enhance your existing security team
  5. Build detection rules across Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS

Why Cybereason MDR?

  1. Security Around the Clock:
    24x7x365 coverage – secures customers anytime, anywhere.
  2. Improved Security Posture:
    Instantly improve an organization’s security posture, with proactive threat hunting, triage, and remediation.
  3. Eliminate the Skills Gap:
    Cybereason MDR provides customers with a team of elite security experts to streamline security operations.
  4. Breach Prevention Warranty:
    Up to $1,000,000 breach prevention warranty (based on contract level).

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