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Threat Hunting

How Defenders Outthink and Outpace Threats?

New and sophisticated malware is detected every day, which presents huge threats to security and IT teams. With both legacy and nextgen solutions, security teams often suffer from overly complex workflows, gaps in detection, and resource-heavy agents. These factors contribute to a poor overall defense posture, high levels of fatigue, and the need for yet more tools and resources to support. Cybereason Prevention combines signature-based, behavioral, and machine-learning approaches to end threats in real-time – including known, never-before-seen, and file-less threats. Teams can deploy in a matter of hours with a single, lightweight agent for all operating systems and endpoint types. From there, the investigation is easy, with full context available to analysts directly from a single UI within the platform – now less time is wasted switching between screens, and more is spent investigating threats.

Stop Any Threats in Real-Time

Cybereason Prevention employs a multi-layered approach through intelligence-based conviction capabilities to block known threats and machine learning algorithms that analyze behavioral and static attributes to instantly block file-less attacks, new malware variants, and other novel threats, eliminating lengthy investigations. The machine learning algorithms analyze both behaviors.

Stop Ransomware Before Harm Occurs

More and more, organizations are facing a slew of ransomware attacks. This trend represents a considerable risk. Cybereason has developed a unique combination of deception and behavioral techniques to stop ransomware before damage is done. Cybereason Prevention can automatically detect and block unknown, file-less, and even MBR-based ransomware strains. This allows teams to leverage automatic behavioral prevention, in conjunction with deception techniques, to ensure legitimate files are not encrypted during an attack.

Reduce Investigation Time with An Intuitive UI

Prevention is necessary but it is often only the first step in an attack. Understanding the root cause of an attack, and addressing it, is the real battle. With Cybereason Prevention, security teams are able to use a single interface to view, prioritize, investigate, and remediate alerts for all impacted devices. From any alert, analysts are able to go further in a few clicks, easily acquiring the context they need to take action, and eliminating the need for complex workflows between different products.

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