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Ivanti Unified Endpoint Manager—or Ivanti UEM

increases user and IT productivity by helping IT administrators gather detailed device data, automate software and OS deployments, personalize workspace environments, and fix user issues quickly. Ivanti UEM is the only solution that personalizes the user workspace while letting IT Analysts and Admins do their magic for all devices from one management experience—not through two, three, four, or more consoles.

Why Ivanti Unified Endpoint Manager—or Ivanti UEM?

  1. Act Faster with Greater Visibility
    The discovery and inventory of all endpoints is key to unifying IT. When you add the right data integrated into a business-value dashboard, life in IT becomes clearer and actions happen faster. Ivanti® Xtraction helps you create business-value dashboards easily—without data scientists or gurus—and ties together all your information into data visualizations that make sense and promote quick action from your teams.
  2. Modern Management for Windows 10
    ivanti Unified Endpoint Management allows you to migrate users’ personal settings and files easily to Windows 10. However, migration is only the start of the Windows 10 journey, automates the large, frequent Windows-as-a-Service updates with minimized network overhead. The solution will also help you onboard new Windows devices quickly by leveraging Windows Autopilot, without requiring Microsoft InTune®, giving you a way to provision users’ devices with “zero-touch” from IT. The user receives their new Windows 10 device ready to go from the first time they power on their device.
  3. Unified Management Across More Devices
    Organizations must address how to manage and enable the operating systems, applications, and profiles in corporate environments. It’s time to end the complexities of separate solutions for Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM), client management, and user experience management. When you deploy the right Unified Endpoint
  4. Experiences that Deliver User Productivity
    Your users want more than content; they long for a better user experience—achieved through a user workspace that’s personalized. A personalized workspace also delivers higher productivity when logon times are reduced and desktop responsiveness is improved. Witness the number of support calls drop as you increase user satisfaction. Plus, help your new employees start out right by ensuring all their devices are configured consistently, ready to help them excel at their jobs.
  5. Integration that Unifies IT
    It’s the ultimate in UEM because it includes the user experience. It also integrates seamlessly with endpoint security and patching that is managed from the same management console. With other vendors, there is swivel chair management to accomplish anything and finger-pointing when something goes wrong. The Ivanti solution also integrates across IT disciplines to create unified solutions focused on asset tracking and license compliance, service management, and automation for digital transformation

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